Technical Approach

    My technical approach is determined by the type of landscape images I am striving to produce. My desire is to create images that capture the beauty, solitude and sense of awe that I experience in those unspoiled natural places that inspire me. With that in mind, I try to use whatever technical skills will best capture the essence of those moments in a way that can be preserved on paper and canvas.

    I love large landscape images that have maximum depth of field and are full of detail ... the type of images that pull me into the scene. In order to try to produce these large images using a full-frame DSLR format, the majority of my landscape photographs are shot as multiple-frame compositions. I often shoot with the camera in portrait orientation and pan from left to right to get three frames or more in width, using a nodal slide to eliminate parallax. This provides an image with an aspect ratio ranging from square to panoramic, depending on the number of frames, resulting in a larger file size capable of producing greater detail and larger prints.

    The use of a tilt-shift lens has provided additional options for creating both horizontal and vertical panoramic images, including multiple rows achieved by shifting the lens vertically while rotating horizontally with the nodal slide, and also provides the added option of modifying the depth of field with lens tilt using the Scheimpflug principle.

    I am a big proponent of shooting multiple exposures per frame to accomodate the high dynamic range often associated with landscape scenes, and typically use HDR processing on the majority of my images to provide a range of light which is closer to what the eye sees than what the camera can capture in a single exposure.

    As an engineer, I learned early on that in order to do the best work possible it is good to not be limited by equipment constraints, and therefore I try to have the best equipment available for the type of landscape photography that I do and the specific techniques that I use. A list of the equipment I currently use, as well as my approach to gear selection, can be found on my Gear information page.