I have always had a love for the rugged mountains, hidden canyons, dense forests, fast-flowing rivers and streams, and vast open spaces that define the American west. I grew up in Montana, spent several years in Wyoming and Nevada, and have spent most of the second half of my life in Tucson, Arizona, which I have called home for over twenty years.  The places I have lived in the west and southwest have provided me with abundant opportunities to experience the beauty and solitude of those unspoiled natural places that make me feel small and seemingly insignificant, and yet at the same time very much alive and connected to something much greater than myself.

    I grew up with a strong background in art, but academic strengths in math and science and a love of problem solving eventually led me to a career in geological engineering. As an engineer and consultant for over thirty years I have had the priviledge of working on projects in many interesting locations across four continents.

    My photography journey began in Arizona as a simple desire to capture the memories associated with exploring the natural beauty of the southwest, from the southern Arizona deserts to the Colorado Plateau, with a particular fascination for the many archeological sites associated with ancient Native American cultures.  In 2002, a heavy rainstorm during a weekend trip exploring the area around Flagstaff let to an impromptu side trip to the Grand Canyon. We arrived just in time to take a few photographs from the south rim just as the rain stopped and the clouds were lifting, and one of those images captured the late afternoon light in a way that really fueled my desire to pursue photography more seriously.  A subsequent backpacking trip to Keet Seel in August of 2005 was a very memorable experience, and the first time I made a concerted effort to shoot an entire series of images focusing a specific subject. The resulting set of photographs led to my decision to take my photography to the next level, and in January 2007, with guidance from a friend and professional photographer, I purchased my first digital SLR camera. Exposure to the unique combination of artistic and technical skills required for digital landscape photography, and a vision for capturing the natural beauty around me, stirred a passion within me that was to become an integral part of my life moving forward.

    I have received a great deal of support and encouragement from my wife, family and friends, and have learned much from fellow photographers along the way, which has made the journey all the more enjoyable.


Artist's Statement 

    My desire is to capture through the lens a glimpse of the beauty, solitude, and sense of awe experienced in the unspoiled natural places that I have visited, and to preserve on paper and canvas some part of the essence of those unique moments in time.

    In addition to my love of nature and of being in the field capturing images, I thoroughly enjoy the photographic process from start to finish, and am involved in all aspects of the digital processing, printmaking and framing of my images.